Boulder Experts

Character Design

To make the teachings of conveyor belts more exciting, these characters were developed to lead the user through an interactive experience.

Initially, the client didn’t want characters within the courses because they thought it would be “too cartoony” for the company’s brand and those who worked there.

So I had to come up with a design that was realistic, unique, and rugged.

Rather than using curves, the linework throughout was solely done with straight lines. Color choices are colorful, but muted. Eyes were removed because they were borderline on the “cartoony” feel we were trying to avoid.

This design was the final character to be used throughout the entire curriculum with all other characters gettings rejected, including his green shirt version.

Part of his design was to allow users dress him in PPE. The greyscaled versions were used to highlight keypoints, next, back, and correct.

Expressions were originally created to highlight key points and designed for the situation in the course.

Light touches of brush strokes were used in the designs to help break up the stiff lines.

People really favored his design quite a bit and liked the rock throw expression.