Dalilah Cann


Dalilah Cann is an all-women lead tech company serving the Michigan community as the first cannabis digital marketplace and delivery service, connecting consumers to local cannabis businesses.

“I want to deliver your weed

2019 was the year that it all began at Techstars 2019 Start-up Weekend in Grand Rapids, MI. This was during a time when Michigan passed the legalization of marijuana in 2018 and state licensing sales started in December 2019.

During the introductions of Start-up weekend, every participant had to introduce themselves and give a one-liner pitch. That’s when Annie Young took the stage and said, “I want to deliver your weed.”

After introductions were made, we all had to form a team and work the weekend away to produce a final 5-minute pitch. There were safe ideas that I could have gone through and worked on, but what would I gain from those?

Me, wanting the best learning experience out of this weekend event, with no knowledge on the topic, put my design skills to use by joining a team of three others. This consisted of an entrepreneur, programmer, and an expert on the cannabis industry.