HR Design Standard

Course Protoype

A handful of e-Learning courses were to be developed centered around HR Compliance. It was my task to create the design standards for the courses centered around personal and family wellness.

Design 01


When I think of personal and family wellness, it can be taken in one of two ways: positive with hope, community, and accomplishments or negatively with despair, frustrations, and glum. 

With this design, I wanted to portray the former by having bright colors and a bold design. Pushing the boundaries of e-Learning themes was another goal of mine to entice users with heavy visuals and graphics.







Design 02


To counter balance the first design, this second theme is toned down and places an emphasis on hope, connections with each other, and our individual wellbeing.

The color palette is colorful, but neutral and earthy. Photographic treatments were done to match the tone of the reality of the topic and emphasis with the user. Circular elements are used throughout the theme to bring a focus on the individuals and importance of personal and family wellness.








Design 02 was the chosen theme for the personal and family wellness category within a HR Compliance curriculum. The calm colors and familiar focus within the photography resonated with the client.