Canvas Chaos is an art book created during summer and fall of 2018. This idea has grown years prior as I’ve used the general concept in previous classes as a foundation for to their respective projects. The project has expanded my knowledge in graphic design, printing, and book design by learning about color profiles, grid systems, typography, and planning.

The world of Canvas was living peacefully. The people are happy, the birds chirping, and the scenery dancing in the wind as the colors of this town shines bright. Beneath the sewers, the muddiest of colors mix together to form a black ink monster. Nobody knows this monster exists until one fateful day.

Flow is a 13 year old girl preparing to start the 8th grade soon. She lives with her aunt and uncle since both of her parents are studying art abroad. Due to her parents’ profession, she has learned to love the arts and creating with paint.

Hidden on the outskirts of Canvas, Dr. Erase works hidden away in his underground lair. Being the epitome of a mad scientist, his laboratory is messy, unorganized, and filled with projects of various levels of completion and uses.

Dr. Erase is a short, old, and wrinkly man. You’d think the cane is for mobility, but boy does he have people fooled…

What lies beneath is a dark secret…

The Inklings can take on many forms such as a gooey, drippy mess to a more distinct form like a fearsome monster. They all have some common characteristics though. They are mostly black in color and always leave an inky trail/drops behind.